The Knitting Olympics - Team Finland

Neuleolympialaiset - Suomen joukkue 10.-26.2.2006 Paralympiakisat 10.-19.3.2006

tiistaina, helmikuuta 28, 2006

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Huomasin, että Stephanien blogiin oli ilmestynyt tällainen ohje:

To get your name entered on a list for prizes (and this is for everyone who took part. Even if you didn't finish, even if you never had your name entered on the list - everyone's a winner in Harlotville) and to get a certificate of participation you can print out..
(Laurie J. made it. It has very cool i-cord rings. Thank you!) send an email to

this is an address set to auto-respond, so no live human will read your email. (Sorry) but every olympian (finisher or not) who sends an email will be placed in the draw for the donated prizes. If you are part of a team, please send an individual email for each member of your team. I'll be drawing the prizes on Friday, so get your name in before then.

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  • At 10:25 ip., Blogger tikru said…

    ok. Laitoin listan eteenpäin jo, mutta toimitaan toivottujen ohjeiden mukaan - eli mailatkaa tuonne tietonne itse.

    Laitoin listalla kaikki mein osallistujat, nekin, jotka ei ollu ap. listoilla.


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